LPG- / NH3-Equipment

Level Gauges/Telemetry

Float level gauges and remote reading accessories for liquid level measurement of LPG and propane bulk tanks and cylinders.


Junior / Senior Gauge

The 6200 series Junior & Senior gauges are widely used to indicate liquid levels of fuels, hydraulic fluids, lube oils, and liquefied gases such as propane, butane, ammonia etc. The 6200 series gauges are used for tank diameters up to 2000mm and tank pressures up to 25 bar. Float is counterbalanced for low specific gravity fluids. The gauge can be equipped with a direct reading dial, twinsite or switch.
Standard construction gauge consist of:
Aluminium head Acetal gear housing Nitril rubber float flat buna gasket and metric mounting screws Flange of 25mm maximum 
Optional construction on request.


Magnetel Gauge

The 6300 series Magnetel gauges are used to indicate levels of liquefied gases such as LPG, Ammonia, petrochemicals, chemical liquids, refrigerants, fuels, etc. The Magnetel gauges are designed to be used on tanks with diameters up to 5000 mm and pressure up to 25 bar at temperatures -40°C to +250°C (40 bar with Stainless Steel head). 

  • Diameter Dial: 100mm (4") and 200mm (8")
  • Dial reading: 5-95% (TOP mounting) and 3-97% (END/SIDE/ANGLE mounting)
  • Mounting screws M12x30
  • Different executions (see attached datasheet)

Rough Rider Gauge

The M6300 series Magnetel gauges are specially designed for mobile applications such as truck, trailer, container. It incorporates a special spring steel shock absorber, which dampens vibrations and road shocks. As all Rochester Gauges, its dial is easily replaceable with no leakage or loss of pressure.

  • With high and low float arm stop and shock absorber
  • Dial 5-95%
  • For side/end/angle mounting up to +-45°
  • Different executions (see attached datasheet)

CSU 3.0 Remote System

The system allows remote reading of the liquid level in a bulk tank. It contains of a CSU receiver which can be connected by wire either to the Rochester explosion proof voltage transmitter or to the Rochester hall-effect twin site transmitter.


  • LED display shows liquid level in %
  • 4-20 mA output
  • IP65 casing box
  • 4 relay outputs
  • RS485 output and USB output
  • With integrated and prewired safety barrier (for usage with hall effect sensor)
  • Power supply: 230V or 24V


Radio telemetry

Radio telemetry for remote reading of LPG tank levels.

  • for domestic and industrial applications
  • ideal for underground tank installations