High Pressure Regulators

These regulators are used in industrial and network installations with a high flow rate.

The Alfa series regulators and their associated safety devices are used to reduce natural gas and LP gas pressure in industrial and network installations. The regulators are direct acting spring loaded regulators, controlled by a diaphragm and counter spring.

  • Inlet pressure 2 - 16 bar
  • High capacity (see flow rate chart)
  • Outlet pressure range with various springs
  • Operating temperature: -20°C - +60°C
  • Optionally with shut-off valve (UPSO/OPSO)
  • High regulation accuracy
  • Comply with PED


RegO® High Pressure Regulators

These adjustable regulators are mainly used in industrial and commercial LPG tank installations. They generally provide first stage regulation and are directly fitted to the tank valve. This type of regulator is able to adjust the outlet pressure (adjustment with T-handle). The regulators can be used for vapor and liquid installations.



The HP100/B series regulators are suitable for medium and high pressures. They are widely used in the distribution of Natural Gas, LPG and other non corrosive gases where good performance of regulation and fast response of flow rate variations are required.
They are widely used as 1st stage reduction for domestic, commercial and industrial LPG applications.