Two stage regulators

Two stage regulators can reduce the pressure from LPG tanks down to low pressure. These regulators incorporate two different pressure reduction steps instead of only one step as normal.

The LV404B is a compact two stage regulator and is designed to reduce first stage pressure up to 17,2 bar down to appliance pressure. Ideal for use on smaller LP gas installations.

  • Outlet pressure setting 28 mbar
  • Capacity apprx. 11 kg/h
  • With relief valve

These regulators are designed to reduce first stage tank pressure down to appliance pressure. The regulators are equipped with OPSO and PRV safety devices.


This regulator is designed to reduce LPG and Natural Gas first stage pressure down to appliance pressure (30-45 mbar). The regulator is equipped with OPSO and PRV safety devices and offers a very good price-performance ratio.